The weather has been anything but spring-like in most of the U.S. lately. We are beyond cabin fever now. So, it’s time to DANCE!

That’s right, get out there and dance. Nothing makes one feel so alive and vibrant as a great night out dancing. Check out your local dance classes, and clubs with bands. Dancing isn’t just for your parents or your college kids.

We boomers might seem stuck in the middle a bit – “sandwiched” is the buzzword. Our parents knew all sorts of great dances: fox trot, jitterbug and swing to name a few. Our kids are out there “grinding” and some are clever enough to know actual dances. Our latest favorite is – West Coast Swing – take a look at how the Canadian champions do it.

Dancing goes beyond providing exercise. It is an opportunity to connect romantically with your partner (or a partner) and participate in a communal activity that is centuries old. It appears that ballroom dancing is traced back to 16th-century French renaissance social dances. Dances in the ballrooms of Loire Valley estates are a far cry from the rage that swept the world last summer – “Gangnan style.” The Wall Street Journal does a fabulous job of explaining the popularity of this song and the related dance in How “Gangnam Style” Went Viral.

We don’t suggest you go out and get your Gangnam on, but we do propose a swing lesson, some two-stepping, or any steps that get you around the dance floor. Grab your partner and off you go and let’s bring spring in with a dosey-doe!