Make your last footprint a green one. With Memorial Day in the rear view mirror, it got us thinking about our own beginning of the end.

Boomers focus on living well and being well. We deeply inhabit our immortality and thinking about our own death can be unsettling. While most of us still choose traditional burial when faced with the inevitable, with the world trending to all things green, the idea of natural burial and all that entails is becoming more acceptable.  As detailed in this excellent Forbes article, there are downsides to traditional burial and cremation.

Natural burial involves interring the body in earth that allows it to decompose naturally. According to the Green Burial Council, there are more eco-friendly burial providers than ever before, and there are some hybrid cemeteries that offer both traditional and green grave-sites. Even some state parks and wildlife departments are in the early stages of cremation-based green burials which in turn fund new park lands. For those who choose cremation, another eco-alternative is burial at sea. Instead of scattered ashes, ocean lovers can choose Eternal Reefs, the Reef Ball Foundation or Great Burial Reef to help create new habitats for marine life. And, give friends and family the option of a condolence tree remembrance from Trees Instead.

Source the internet’s endless sustainable information to find the perfect option to green our goodbye. We can be as sustainable in death as we are in life.