Food Revolution Day 2013

Ah, food food food glorious food. Last year’s Food Revolution Day, a campaign launched by Jamie Oliver, was a huge success and this year’s should be even better. This Friday, May 17th is the day for people who love food to be a more mindful community making better food choices, and understand food’s impact on health.

Just take a stroll through any-town-USA and it’s clear a lot of folks still haven’t got the message. This worldwide one-day food education event is not only about fun, but continues to raise awareness about America’s ongoing battle with obesity.

Watch this YouTube video with ideas for events in the workplace, in schools and to see who’s supporting Food Revolution Day 2013.

To find an event near you, go to Jamie Oliver says it’s high time to “stand up for real food and for food education.”  His food foundation is chock full of ideas to get involved or launch your own event. Download this free bling to help promote Food Revolution 2013 and the activities in your neighborhood.

More and more Americans embrace a locavore lifestyle which includes making smart food choices as part of living well.  And, we know that that living well never gets old!

As Jamie Oliver says, “Cook it. Share It. Live It.”

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