Uberboomer News June 14, 2013

Our uberboomer, Matt James, announced this month that Hillary Rodham Clinton and the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation have joined the Next Generation as full partners in the Too Small to Fail Initiative. This re-launch is focused on the health, education and well-being of children ages zero to five including a deeper focus on the science of early childhood development, and giving parents, employers, caregivers, and community leaders the tools they need to make sure America’s kids can thrive. Be sure to watch the launch video, featuring Hillary Clinton and early childhood experts Ann O’Leary and Dr. Nadine Burke Harris. Read more about Matt’s thoughts in his “What’s Next?” column. As he says, “like Hillary Clinton, we are in this for the long haul – our kids are too important for us not to be.”

Here are more links:

Press Release

Matt James, President and Co-Founder of Next Generation


More Uberboomer News, May 27, 2013 

This fascinating story behind the Bay Lights project comes to us from our uberboomer, Ben Davis. Ben states that although “the Bay Lights has been heralded as the perfect nexus of technology and art … I question whether ‘technology’ is worthy of its equal billing with ‘art’ in this project.” Ben as the originator of the project adds “its gracefully shimmering lights reveal the soul of a community — not the ghost of a machine.”

You can read his entire Wired.com opinion piece here.

Watch the most recent Hattery vimeo here.

Also if you missed The Bay Lights vimeo, here it is.

Ben Davis and The Bay Lights from Hattery on Vimeo.

Ben Davis Founder of Words Pictures Ideas, Chair of Illuminate the Arts, and is ISHKY (behind Pi in the Sky, which was included as one of seventeen works of public art in the ZERO1 Biennial). While bringing The Bay Lights project to reality, he helped edit and produce a book of poetry and photography about the new Bay Bridge.