Launched in July 2010, Bette Boomer was founded to showcase innovative and unique resources to ageless baby boomers and to chronicle how boomers continue to think outside the box and inspire others. This is Bette Boomer’s passion.

Bette represents our revolutionary generation still speaking out in blog posts and comments. Reviews are the work of several writers who research and vet companies, products and experiences.

The boomer tab takes you to sources for adventure, vitality, sustainable lifestyles, and inspiring boomer reinventions. The progeny tab will keep you ahead of the kids with cutting-edge technology, sustainable products, and the coolest kids’ experiences imaginable. Under the parents tab you will find essential information to help you navigate challenges with your parents and stay abreast of the latest in longevity.

We only post reviews that fit the criteria our discerning boomer team has established, and we do not profit in any way by doing so.

We hope you enjoy the site and we would love to hear from you – live well!

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