TEDxSF – Update on UberBoomer Ben Davis

Ben Davis gives the story behind The Bay Lights and other project he is involved in.

Ben Davis is the visionary behind THE BAY LIGHTS and the creator of Pi In The Sky. He is founder and CEO of Illuminate the Arts, the non-profit that aims to alter the arc of human history


The Dog Days of Summer

Traveling, gardening, running, biking, spa-time, eco-friendly indulgence – the options were endless – always too many choices and never enough time.

Summer without picnics? Unthinkable!  Summer kick-back-time for reading – a must!   Whether you headed to the beach, trekked to the mountains or staycationed, book bags and e-readers were most likely bulging with escapist – romance, thrillers, witchery – and serious books that were well worth getting lost in for some time-out. Maybe you read The Dog Stars by Peter Heller, And the Mountains Echoed by Hosseini, Brown’s Inferno, Hiaasen’s Bad Monkey, or Grisham’s The Racketeer, just to name a few of the current best sellers. Many of our friends tucked into the classic F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby and afterwards compared it to the movie. You ALWAYS read the book first, don’t you? And, isn’t the book ALWAYS better than the movie? Then hooked on Fitzgerald, selected others including Fowler’s Z – A Novel of Zelda Fitzgerald.

Summertime is adventure time and crammed full with multigenerational choices. Check-out our Adventure section for planning ahead for next summer’s fun, including staying safe, healthy and saving money. Many parents packed the kids off to camp, but maybe you preferred family action for both fun and fitness.

Now on these dog days, with back-to-school looming large, the long list of preparations for getting the kids ready has to be squeezed into all our playtime, which can challenge boomer time management skills. The winding-down-time gets incredibly hectic!

All too soon, this summertime will be treasured as another great memory. We’ll share some of ours in our next blog. We’d love to hear about your summer experiences so we can share them too.

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Guest Blog by Mason Hewitt CEO, TotalMedicare.com

Medicare Open Enrollment, also known as AEP (Annual Election Period) begins October 15th this year and extends through December 7th.  Open Enrollment is the time each year when any Medicare eligible individual can sign up for, or make changes to their Medicare Advantage Plan or Medicare prescription drug coverage.

Who is Eligible?

Medicare can seem unnecessarily complex, but here is a simple list of the three requirements that must be met  in order to qualify for a Medicare Advantage Plan during open enrollment:

  • You are 65 or older.
  • You do not have End-Stage Renal Disease.
  • You have Medicare Part A and Part B (Original Medicare).

Do I need Medicare Advantage?

The short answer is, “it’s up to you”.  Medicare Advantage is similar to an HMO or PPO insurance plan.  Original Medicare (Part A and Part B) doesn’t cover everything.  One way to fill the gap in coverage is to sign up for a Medicare Advantage plan, which includes Parts A and B, but also includes additional coverage, and is administered by a private insurance company.  The other way to fill the gap in coverage is to sign up for a Medicare Supplemental Insurance Plan, also known as Medigap.  We’ll provide more details on Medigap in an upcoming post.  Medicare Advantage plans do differ, so make sure you compare the benefits.

Where can I compare Medicare Plans?

Many private insurance providers like Blue Cross Blue Shield, Aetna and Humana provide both Medicare Supplemental and Medicare Advantage coverage.  You can call those companies individually or visit a website like TotalMedicare.com, which will connect you with several providers in order to simplify the comparison process.

For more information on Medicare related topics check out the Total Medicare Learning Center or Medicare.gov.


Uberboomer News Update

Uberboomer News June 14, 2013

Our uberboomer, Matt James, announced this month that Hillary Rodham Clinton and the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation have joined the Next Generation as full partners in the Too Small to Fail Initiative. This re-launch is focused on the health, education and well-being of children ages zero to five including a deeper focus on the science of early childhood development, and giving parents, employers, caregivers, and community leaders the tools they need to make sure America’s kids can thrive. Be sure to watch the launch video, featuring Hillary Clinton and early childhood experts Ann O’Leary and Dr. Nadine Burke Harris. Read more about Matt’s thoughts in his “What’s Next?” column. As he says, “like Hillary Clinton, we are in this for the long haul – our kids are too important for us not to be.”

Here are more links:

Press Release

Matt James, President and Co-Founder of Next Generation


More Uberboomer News, May 27, 2013 

This fascinating story behind the Bay Lights project comes to us from our uberboomer, Ben Davis. Ben states that although “the Bay Lights has been heralded as the perfect nexus of technology and art … I question whether ‘technology’ is worthy of its equal billing with ‘art’ in this project.” Ben as the originator of the project adds “its gracefully shimmering lights reveal the soul of a community — not the ghost of a machine.”

You can read his entire Wired.com opinion piece here.

Watch the most recent Hattery vimeo here.

Also if you missed The Bay Lights vimeo, here it is.

Ben Davis and The Bay Lights from Hattery on Vimeo.

Ben Davis Founder of Words Pictures Ideas, Chair of Illuminate the Arts, and is ISHKY (behind Pi in the Sky, which was included as one of seventeen works of public art in the ZERO1 Biennial). While bringing The Bay Lights project to reality, he helped edit and produce a book of poetry and photography about the new Bay Bridge.

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